Scientific Conferences of Ukraine, 5th International Conference on Nonlinear Dynamics ND-KhPI2016

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Nonlinear dynamics of pre-compressed circular cylindrical shell under axial harmonic load: experiments
Francesco Pellicano, Antonio Zippo, Marco Barbieri, Matteo Strozzi

Last modified: 2016-09-11


The  nonlinear  dynamics  of  circular  cylindrical  shells  under  combined  axial  static  and  periodic  forces  are experimentally investigated. The goal is to study the dynamic scenario and to analyze non- linear regimes. The linear behavior under static preload is analyzed by means of the usual modal testing techniques. The complex dynamics  arising  when  a  periodic  axial  load  excites  the  first  axisymmetric  mode  are  analyzed  by  means  of amplitude  frequency  diagrams,  waterfall  spectrum  diagrams,  bifurcation  diagrams  of  Poincaré  maps,  time histories, spectra, phase portraits.

Circular cylindrical shell, experiments, non-linear dynamics, chaos

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