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Dynamics of Discrete Systems

Resonances and synchronization in two coupled oscillators with stick-slip vibrations and spring pendulums PDF
Dariusz Grzelczyk, Jan Awrejcewicz
Dynamics of Multielement Agricultural Aggregates, Taking Into Account Nonholonomic Constraints and Spatial Motion PDF
Yuri Andreev, Roman Antoshchenkov

Dynamics of Distributed Systems

Circular Cylindrical Shell Made of Neo-Hookean -Fung Hyperelastic Material Under Static and Dynamic Pressure PDF
Ivan Breslavsky, Marco Amabili, Mathias Legrand
Perturbed Rotations of a Rigid Body Close to the Lagrange Case Under the Action of Unsteady Perturbation Torques PDF
Leonid D. Akulenko, Tatyana A. Kozachenko, Dmytro D. Leshchenko, Yanina S. Zinkevich
Inverse Bifurcation Problem as a Tool For Rapid Identification of Progressive Collapse for Thin-Walled Systems PDF
Natalia I. Obodan, Victor Ya. Adlutskii, Vasilii A. Gromov
Analytical approximation of periodic Ateb-functions via elementary functions PDF
Igor Vasilyevich Andrianov, Viktor Isaakovich Olevskyi, Yulia Borisovna Olevska
Modelling of creep and oscillations in material described by Armstrong-Frederick equations PDF
Dmitry V. Breslavsky, Holm Altenbach, Konstantin Naumenko, Oksana Tatarinova

Invited (Keynote) Presentations

Identification of Nonlinear Damping for Large-Amplitude Vibrations of Plates and Curved Panels PDF
Marco Amabili