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Dynamics of Discrete Systems

Oscillating Systems with Elastic Element Moving between Guides with given Shape PDF
Alexei Zotov, Anvar Valeev, Sergey Glebov
Stochastic Dynamics of the Specialized Vehicle with Nonlinear Suspension PDF
Oleksiy O. Larin, Oleksii O. Vodka, Ruslan O. Kaidalov, Volodymyr M. Bashtovoi

Dynamics of Distributed Systems

Incipient Regimes of Drill Bit Whirlings on Uneven Bottoms of Deep Bore-Holes PDF
Valery Ivanovich Gulyayev, Olena V. Vashchilina, Sergey M. Glazunov
Nonlinear Deformation of Structure Elements from Different Materials under Impulse and Shock Loads PDF
Yurii Sergeevich Vorobiev, Leopold Kruszka, Nataliia Yurievna Ovcharova
Nonlinear Analysis of Gas Flow in Compressors Stage Based on CFD-Method PDF
Anna Karpik, Yurii S. Vorobiev

Invited (Keynote) Presentations

Nonlinear Sonic Vacua PDF
Alexander Vakakis